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DM Technologies - Multichannel current sourceDM Technologies is a company specializing in development and manufacturing of unique electronic equipment. Our instruments find applications in most demanding areas of modern science and technology. A particular examples are searches for dark matter (Global Network of Optical Magnetometers for Exotic physics search) or studies of physics beyond the Standard Model, where our instruments help to achieve one of the most ambitious tasks of modern science.

While DM Technologies is constantly developing new customer-inspired produces to address new challenges, there is a group of three flagship devices that are available to our customers.
GPS time-discipline multi-channel data acquisition system
Programmable digital finite-response-time filter
Multichannel ultrastable precision current source
To learn more about their performance and capabilities please refer to our Product page.

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DM Technologies’ GPS DAQ box has been the ideal tool for coordinating our worldwide sensor network searching for transient signatures of dark matter. It has run reliably 24 hours a day for over a year and itsĀ built-in back-up features have rescued valuable data numerousĀ times when our local computer crashed. The timing accuracy is excellent. A must-have for any lab doing precision measurements!

Derek F. Jackson Kimball California State University, East Bay

DM Technologies provides world-class electronics used for us in high-precision measurements and fundamental-physics experiments. The company not only provides excellent instruments, but also gets an advice on how to best use it in your application!

I strongly recommend the multichannel current source from DM Technologies. The source can simultaneously output 8 independent currents with excellent long-term stability and ultra-low noise floor. These specs along with available current ranges cover needs of most atomic and laser physics experiments.

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